Seniors Financial and Health Care

Seniors Financial and Health Care, a division of Marmorstein Financial Group, is dedicated to assisting seniors with their unique needs, including the following:

  • Creating dependable and safe investment and insurance strategies
  • Generating more income than CD's while keeping money 100% safe
  • Working with pre-retirees on strategies to maximize social security benefits
  • Recommending the best pension distribution options from amongst those offered by employers to the newly retired worker
  • Roll overs of 401K and similar employer qualified plans to a self directed IRA
  • Recommending the best ways to distribute income from an IRA (including Traditional IRA to Roth IRA conversions)
  • Explaining how to use fixed annuities to generate an additional income stream guaranteed for life to supplement social security and or pension plan benefits
  • Educating seniors who believe in the stock market, about how fixed index annuities can be used to generate income (cash flow) and growth based upon stock market performance WITHOUT risking any loss of principal or prior earnings
  • Reducing taxes of all kinds - income taxes, taxes on social security income, capital gains and estate taxes, taxes on IRA distributions, 401(k) or other qualified plans.
  • Ensuring that seniors have proper life and/or health insurance, including long-term care, and at a reasonable cost
  • Elder care services including qualification for government entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Veteran's Administration beneifts.  Opening mail, bill paying, and serving as power of attorney for seniors needing this assistance
  • Explaining how estates need to be structured to ensure privacy, avoid probate and reduce  or eliminate estate taxes

In general, whether a senior requires safety, income or growth, budgeting assistance, accounting and/or income tax services, estate planning, elder care asset protection, or access to virtually an unlimited number of financial and health care products, including life insurance, fixed annuties, and long-term care insurance, the advisors at Seniors Financial and Health Care are ready to assist.


Seniors Financial and Health Care is appointed with approximately 50 different life, annuity and health insurance carriers, and due to our independent status, clients receive objectivity and the best financial and health care advise and products available.